Book Cultus Maleficarum

The Sussex Manuscript


Examination period 1d8 weeks (DC20)
Sanity loss 1d3 initial, 1d6 upon completion
Cthulhu mythos +1 rank


This text is titled “Cultus Maleficarum.”

It is Baron Frederic’s 1597 translation to English of an older Latin text “The Necronomicon.”

The text is muddled and disjointed, requiring dedicated study to glean any meaning at all.

After study for the “examination period,” the reader will begin to grasp a subtle pattern beyond normal human understanding, of hidden dimensional influences upon all life as they had previously understood it.

Lieutenant Hawkins took this text from the chief researcher’s library at Natzweiler-Struthof.

Book Cultus Maleficarum

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