Book De Vermiis Mysteriis

De Vermiis Mysteriis


Examination period 1d10+1 weeks (DC24)
Sanity loss 1d6 initial, 2d6 upon completion
Cthulhu Mythos +2 ranks


Written in Latin, by Ludwig Prinn 1542. Pulished in folio size in Cologne, Germany, the same year it was written. Suppressed by the Church, only fifteen copies are known to have survived.

This text confers a degree of respect, affinity, almost a preference for reptilian and serpentine life. Hints of an advanced reptilian civilization and technology pre-dating mamalian life on Earth are threaded through this book. After suitable study (the “Examination Period”), this reptilian perspective will advance the reader’s understanding of hyperdimensional forces, and thus spell-use capability.

Lieutenant Hawkins took this text from the chief researcher’s library at Natzweiler-Struthof.

Book De Vermiis Mysteriis

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