Book Monsters and their Kynde

Monsters and their Kynde


Examination period 1d10+1 weeks (DC22)
Sanity loss 1d4 initial, 1d8 upon completion
Cthulhu Mythos +1 rank


In English, author unknown, c.16th century. Only a single copy of this handwritten book is believed to exist. Bound in leather, it was stolen from the British Museum in 1898. Other copies have long been rumored to be in private hands.

This copy appears to have been updated by several different hands at separate times since its original publication, with marginal and foot notes, as well as hand written notes on looseleaf appended to the original text. The majority of the additional content focus on the study of so-called “undead” creatures, and the forces and chemistry that animates them, as well as normal humans.

After suitable study (the “Examination period”) this text will advance the reader’s understanding of forces needed to facilitate spell-use.

Lieutenant Hawkins took this text from the chief researcher’s library at Natzweiler-Struthof.

Book Monsters and their Kynde

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