WW2 Redux

Mission Five


Mission Five Overview:
After the exposure to their Nazi counterparts during previous missions, Captain Bank ordered the squad out of the European theater. He dispatched them to rendezvous with Vanguard Club members at Miskatonic University, Arkham, Massachusetts on a covert mission to investigate a lead on another artifact.

Their objectives were as follows:
1) Assess the probability that Vanguard Club members have valid information pertaining to the location of a bonafide artifact
2) Should the lead prove valid, proceed to secure the artifact with all speed possible
3) Use any means necessary to keep new artifacts from Nazi possession

Mission Five Results:
The squad met with Vanguard Club members and found that certain members were convinced that the club map collection included a map for a never-before-discovered Meso-American pyramid in the Amazon river valley. While moving to secure the map from the original expedition, the squad found another group was already making efforts to secure the map. A fire fight ensued in the Miskatonic University library, several grenades inflicted massive casualties on both the opposing force and the stacks, and a prisoner was taken. After questioning, the prisoner revealed they were in the employ of a local up-and-coming gangster, known to frequent a local public house. Element One of the squad proceeded to the public house seeking more intelligence about the opposing force, while Element Two proceeded to the University hospital to conduct their own independent research on specimens taken from the Natzweiler concentration camp subjects.

Element Two Results:
At the University Hospital this Element was introduced to Herbert West, a medical researcher continuing a line of study started under the renowned Dr. Hans Gruber of Switzerland. Dr. West analyzed the samples, and found the blue viscous substance taken from the Natzweiler worker had many qualities in common with a formula of his own – including a peculiar mineral compound Dr. Gruber used in his work but had refused to reveal to Dr. West.

They ultimately discovered that Dr. West was keeping the body and severed head of Dr. Gruber in a locked cadaver drawer in the University morgue – and that Dr. Gruber’s severed head and body both remained animated after decapitation due to what Dr. West described as “an overdose” of Dr. Gruber’s formula.

Section Seven site sanitation & retrieval personnel were immediately dispatched to take custody of Dr. West, Dr. Gruber, and all associated research and materials – to prevent them falling in to enemy hands.

Element One Results:
After questioning the one surviving member of the opposing force, Element One proceeded to a local Public House reported as the “hangout” of the local organized crime boss, Daniel O’Banion, who had contracted the opposing group to steal the map and mount an expedition to recover any related artifacts. The squad mounted an assault on the “Boar’s Head Inn & Public House” in their effort to capture O’Banion and any further intelligence related to the South American expedition. The squad’s heavy handed tactics resulted in a large amount of collateral damage (again), in the form of heavy structural damage due to liberal use of explosives at the site. Despite the zealous assault on the site, O’Banion and his key henchman nearly escaped through the city sewers, but after a brief pursuit — and a seemingly miraculous deluge of water from a passing street sweeper that foiled O’Banion’s escape by washing him back down off a manhole access ladder — O’Banion was captured. Chemical interrogation revealed that O’Banion had no direct interest in the map or any artifacts. Rather, he was merely acting as the local agent for an unnamed organized crime figure in Chicago.

Both Elements of the squad reformed at the Vanguard Club quarters, and posed as O’Banion’s team of explorers, heading out to the Arkham airfield and taking the cargo plane chartered to take them back to the Amazon River basin as indicated on the Vanguard Club’s early expedition map. The flight was an uneventful three day trip, until they reached visual range of the strange fog bank indicated on the map.

Inexplicably a very large bright green snake (with a faint crescent moon shape on its head, if the immediate witnesses are to be believed) appeared in the cockpit of the aircraft, and bit the pilot, delivering a fatal bite. After a quick survey, the team determined none of the survivors had any piloting skills, and the aircraft was on a collision course with a range of hills just between the fogged-in area and a local native village.

The team is now taking stock of how much time they have to toss supplies out of the plane and parachute to safety themselves.

Mission Five is ongoing…

Mission Five Casualties:


The Story So Far


Mission One Overview:
A small element of the 1st Airborne Task Force component of Operation Dragoon, operating under command of Captain Aaron Bank’s Office of Strategic Services Section 7, were diverted from airborne drop with the main force on 15 Aug 1944. Their objectives were as follows:
1) rendezvous with French Maquis forces in the vicinity of Dijon for ground transport to final mission staging at Neufchateau
2) reconnoiter the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp and environs
3) capture or destroy any high-value material or personnel under Nazi control

Mission One Results:
All mission objectives were achieved with a high degree of success, considering 100% casualties were projected. The squad successfully rendezvoused with Maquis forces, traversed enemy occupied territory, and gathered significant intelligence while suffering only 44% casualties.

The team discovered that the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp was a source of slave labor for a V2 Rocket manufacturing facility in a nearby underground facility, as well as providing a pool of test subjects for a medical research program. Apparently this medical research was beginning to produce results, as the team reported numerous laborers in the factory working to the exclusion of all other normal stimuli, almost as automatons.

The following reports from squad members present may seem fantastical, however all individual reports were extensively vetted, and all subsequent psychological testing showed no subsequent aberrant behavior. The squad reported engaging in a heavy firefight with the facility lead medical researcher, including multiple deployments of high explosive devices — far beyond what would normally be expected for such a small opposing force. Further, they reported encountering a chamber with a multitude of arcane symbols drawn on the walls, floor, and ceiling, apparently using human blood as ink. More incredible yet, the squad reported these symbols spontaneously lighting up, as if some phosphorescence were making them glow with their own light. At the same time, the ambient light in the room dropped to nearly complete darkness, and a shadowy figure appeared, exchanged words with the Maquis fighter Claudette (Patty), and subsequently produced a bolt of lightening which felled the chief Nazi medical researcher. Afterward the shadowy figure disappeared, the light returned to normal, and the squad unsuccessfully attempted to capture Claudette – all having the impression that she had engaged in some sort of “deal with the devil” and was no longer a trusted teammate.

The team captured the following materials:
- research materials from the medical lab (*)
- a blood sample from a worker
- a blood sample from the lead researcher — who had apparently begun applying experimental medical procedures on himself
- ash from the crematorium attached to the medical lab

  • NOTE: Lieutenant (Lon), who subsequently went missing, carried out an unknown number of research books and an unknown artifact — reportedly some sort of “iron mask” — that was apparently of high value to the lead medical research.

The team reported complete destruction of the V2 Rocket plant, and all materials contained therein.

Mission One Casualties:
- (Andre) — MIA 16AUG1944, presumed KIA
- Lt. Vincent Hawkins — MIA 16AUG1944
- Pvt. Kevin Milner — KIA 16AUG1944
- Claudette Frank, Free French Maquis (Patty) — MIA 16AUG1944

Mission Two Overview:
Office of Strategic Services Section Seven requisitioned soldiers from 1st Airborn Task Force as replacements for casualties suffered during Mission One, then redeployed the team to a local training facility to test unit cohesion and individual squad elements’ psychological tolerance for unusual threats verging on paranormal.

Mission Two Results:
Training was successful, and all squad members passed psychological battery — with no more than the usual amount of griping that the urban live-fire examination portion was not disclosed as a training mission prior to the exercise.

Mission Two Casualties:

Mission Three Overview:

Their objectives were as follows:

Mission Three Results:

Mission Three Casualties:

Mission Four Overview:

Their objectives were as follows:

Mission Four Results:

Mission Four Casualties:



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