WW2 Redux

Stemming the tide of madness in the 1940s

German National Socialism simmers in the economic wake of World War One. Mussolini and Franco extend their own breeds of Fascism to all corners of Europe. Germany invades Poland, Scandanavia, and as the list grows, the flames of war fan higher and further across the world.
Fascism seems a strong enough ideology to explain these aggressive expansionist policies, but there are hints of some darker motive. Ancient runic symbols – even skulls & crossbones – on Nazi SS uniforms, formerly secret groups such as the Thule Society and Order of Teutons grow bold and hold open meetings, the Nazis are rumored to be seeking all manner of religious and even magical artifacts across the world…these things and others seem to be splashes of color across a dark and sinister tapestry spreading to overshadow the entire world. Are there ancient evil forces lurking and festering beneath the surface of memory, forgotten in time, yet bubbling up into the world to engulf us all?
Join the American Office of Strategic Services Section Seven, a group of hardened combat troops, research scientists, and various experts in esoteric and arcane arts, to battle Nazi efforts to bring powers of the ancient world — or worse — to bear in their war effort!
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